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You put the Law of Attraction into action and gave everything you owned away?

That’s what Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker with their beautiful daughter BlueBelle are looking for a seachange and they are giving everything they own away. They are so inspiring. They have established “The Life Change ExperimentWhat happens when you let go and leap?”

They are giving things way so they shift the energy. I love that. Yes this is an experiment so watch the video to learn more and find out why.  I love the questions they are asking.

The Life Experiment

Is there a catch? No you just have to sign up to find out whether there is something that takes your fancy and you have a great reason for asking for it.

There is just one catch if you don’t live in Sydney and if you are selected for the item you requested you will need to take a trip to Sydney. 🙂

It is amazing what happens when you declare you intention to the the world, you become as Geoff says in this video, accountable. This means follow through.

I love that they are using the highway as their image and like me they write words in the sand.

Did I ask? Yes. Wow not so easy to put it down here- but in the spirit of the giveaway here goes. I asked for the neat little A190. it would make a wonderful replacement for our very old and dearly loved 300eE Merc. There are some great things they are giving away, from clothes, to shoes and household items. Bessie has the most amazing shoe collection, so if you are size 7½ you might be in 7th heaven. PS: Their home and businesses have been given away.

What a great example of trust in the universe and a great example of good vibes.

You can follow them on twitter @thelifechangeex , become a fan on Facebook and read their journey on their blog

be inspired


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