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Yesterday as we started our beach walk we saw people carrying sweet potatoes, not a normal Saturday morning activity at Greenmount Beach.

One person commented that they were free and around on the next beach Rainbow Bay.

As I was curious, we then headed off around the path passing more people carrying usually one sweet potatoe in each hand.

What we found was this truck and the sign FREE SWEET POTATOES. WE WOULD RATHER GIVE THEM AWAY THAN THROW

THEM AWAY. Several people commented there should be a tin for a donations.


We didn’t know who the owner was, maybe he or she was sitting on the beach nearby seeing the pleasure everyone was getting from loading up with this sweet Saturday bonanza.

What if more of us gave things away, instead of throwing things that couls still be used into the bin, would that great more Saturday smiles?

What made you smile this week?

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