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How serendipidous is this? Today I draw this card and then I open my reader to find that Darren Rowse has declared April 14, Blogger Appreciation Day (Unofficial).

Evidently some of the bloggers he’s been talking to are not feeling on top of the world right now. He’s recommending some remedial action. He writes:

I’ve been chatting with a few bloggers of late who’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps about their blogging – so perhaps everyone could do with a little lift.

Lets spend today doing a few random acts of kindness and encouragement for our fellow bloggers.

So the day started well, I got a hug from Des, that was blogger appreciation. I decided to pass the award to him over at Thinking Home Business, because without his enthusiasm, almost 5 years ago I may not be writing this today, let alone being his co-blogger.

Bloggers Appreciation Day

The next three bloggers here for special mention are from a forum, Help My Blog where I add the international flavor to the moderation team. This group was set up by Mark McGimpsey, to help other bloggers from 2 separate courses, where what was promised, wasn’t delivered. Mark also designs great graphics at great prices. Mark provides fantastic resources to the forum that are helping fellow bloggers, many who had a poor start to blogging.

Mark Wilson aka The Anti Hype from a wonderful must read blog GuruFodder, great for a good belly laugh as well as cautionary tales, along with DeeMarie who has a wonderful gardening blog, The Gardener’s Rake.

Now let’s Pay This Forward, send an email, leave a comment on blogs that inspire you or bloggers who need a boost.

Todays Card comes from Doreen Virtue’s Saints & Angels Cards