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This morning instead of my usual morning beach walk and swim, Des suggested we put the shoes on and do some power walking and climb some stairs and a hill.

I reluctantly put my runners on and we set off on the track and up the stairs. Well I have been walking, swimming, doing my Dru Yoga, 5 Tibetans and my flexibility is great. What I discovered this morning that my resilience and recovery on the stair and hill runs needs some work. Wow I was puffed when I got to the top. I was under the illusion that as I have been doing regular exercise I was fit. One of my goals is to be trim, taught and weigh 60kgs. This means I need to lose 12kgs and obviously get the cardio exercise up! I fortunately have a great new program to follow, where people are losing that body fat, inches, kilos, (or pounds) and gaining energy.

So how I do I relate this to business? Well the resilience and recovery of fitness also applies to my business, easy to coast, do what is easy and seems to be okay but I need to burst forward to make the growth statements that match my dreams and goals, meet the challenges. The power hour suggested by Lisa Diane is one way to get the fitness for business. Interesting food for thought for me – time for a bit of Sedona releasing I feel .