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Do You Have A Problem With Being Rich?

This article has been inspired by  Jeanette Maw aka The Good Vibe Coach and her post The Problem With Being Rich

I was surprised as I read through the  comments of how many people had a problem with being rich.

So I reflected on my own attitude. I related to what my friend Annette was saying  and her comment resonated for many.

Jiminy Crickets!
Let’s see . . The problem with being rich is
Would I finish what I have already started? ???

I then added my reply, I was feeling very positive about being rich. Rich for me being more than money. Rich is about how I feel, being rich empowers me. This in turn enables me to live my mission to make a difference by inspiring and empowering others to lead lives full of freedom, joy and love.

Like many people whose parent came out of the Great Depression, I was bought up very abundantly, but with a sense of caution,

“we can’t afford that” ” Money doesn’t grow on trees”

and other such limiting beliefs

I know that the vision of the home, the car used to make me feel rich. The difference is that now I feel rich already. The new home, the new car will make me feel richer and will mean that I have more freedom and more options.

Today I know that I will keep doing a lot of what I am doing, I will have the resources to empower more people, I will  travel more and meet with more of the like minded people I have met online.

We made a shift from the expensive life of the big city to a financially less expensive place what I call paradise. I walk and swim each day on a beach people pay thousands of dollars to holiday at. We live in a resort style community with tennis court on an island, with trees and birds. We eat local fresh produce so we are healthier.

We have learnt to live with less, we have a greater love for one another. Life is abundant, I have made the shift.

Today I woke up ” Happy for no reason” with a smile on my face, in my heart & in my belly… RICH I am happy and abundant and now I am ready for the millions to flow.

Does feeling rich empower you?

Be Abundant



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marismith Abundance Cafe 29 November 2009