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Gratitude to Foxywriter for this wonderful image

Does a deadline excite you or almost make you cry?

Today is Day 7 of my 21 Days of Motivation and I have to set myself 2 deadlines to complete today. The focus for today is to see deadlines as a support system for strategizing.

Denise Hart aka Motivational Mama says:

Deadlines are boundaries that help up to adjust and monitor our motivation.

I know deadlines drive me to complete tasks and goals that otherwise would not get done. I often thrive under the pressure of a deadline. It’s how I get artworks into exhibitions, books published and currently getting a daily article on this blog.

The flip side of meeting deadlines usually means something else gets put aside. Sometimes put in a box, sometimes get lost under a pile of to do’s in the intray or sometimes just gets discarded.

For me, this means in meeting deadlines I need better strategies with what’s been put aside to meet the deadline.

I love deadlines

I like the

whooshing sound

they make

as they fly by.

-Douglas Adams

Do you love deadlines?

Are they and upper or a downer for you?


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