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Inspiration from the Cards

“>from Daily Guidance From Your Angels

from Daily Guidance From Your Angels

I drew this card this morning after I had  completed a meditation where I had asked for guidance about various aspects of my life and business.

I had been talking with my friend and colleague Stephanie Bell aka Spirit Coach at the weekend about how I would like to have a Mastermind Group. Stephanie told me she would love to be in a Mastermind group and one that did not cost $1000 or more, as some apparently do.

I first learned about the concept of a Mastermind Group from reading Napolean Hill’s  Think and Grow Rich many years ago. he explains that the idea of a mastermind group is to get a group of people, who have different complementary skills.

I said to Stephanie that I was going to do my Clarity through contrast exercise to attract my ideal Matermind Group.

I have been reading Chicken Soup for The Soul Living Your Dreams and they suggested setting up your Dream Team ( Mastermind Alliance), provide Guide lines and more. I then remebered that Stephanie has a daily practice which I have written about that involves handing over 5 things she want to have or happen to her Universal  Dream Team.

Seems like the universe is in touch with my thoughts and I am beginning to trust my inner voice, intuition, wisdom or whatever you might like to call it.

So now to work out the purpose of the Dream Team and attract ideally 5 other like minded online gogetters who are committed to change.

Do you have any experience of setting up and or being part of a Dream Team (Mastermind Group).