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This weekend we saw many children playing and just being in the moment, something as adults we sometimes forget!

SandcastleBeach Notes Update:

This week’s Beach Notes Sandcastle Moments was inspired on a Good Friday beach walks where lots of children were playing in the sand and making sand castles, this then inspired Des to get his poetic pen out.

Just in case you have missed the past few Beach Notes Inspirations here are the links.

Feel The Future: So will you have positive feelings about your future today?

Talk Turkey: Do you speak frankly and get down to the basic facts of a matter?

Law of Attraction Carnival Update:

Ellie Walsh has done a great selection for April’s LOA Carnival. I feel honored to have my LOA Inspiration post on Responsibility included along with 6 other great posts. Head on over for great reading.

Wonderful Web Women Challenge

Last week Janet Beckers from Wonderful Web Women, along with Carrie Wilkerson a.k.a. The Barefoot Executive and Perry Lawrence, Ask Mr Video issued a challenge on one of Janet’s teleclasses to the listeners to go out and make a video introducing yourself to the world. Just do it in the nike fashion and don’t worry about whther it is perfect etc do I look okay?

When I first looked at mine I thought wow- I could have done something with my hair, then I remembered Janet’s words and uploaded it to You Tube. You can see it here

Raise You Vibes:

While you are at you tube watch a vibe raising experience as Susan Boyle achieves a dream.

Wishing you a High Vibes Day


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