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I have just been listening to a power talk from my millionaire mentor Lisa Diane and she has certainly thrown out a challenge to the Community that comes with being a member of 6M Profit Method. Her very first question jolted me into really thinking about where I am at, as it almost 4 months into 2007. Am I moving forward, am I happy with my progress or are things still the same? Are the things that I do every day inline with my vision?

How is the plan going for 2007 to be your very best year?
Is the action I take each day moving me closer to my vision?
Do I take consistent focussed action each day?

"How clear is your Vision, does it keep you on track" That stopped me in my tracks and realised I have been still looking for a silver lining out there, there might just be a magic bullet in one of those emails? But as Lisa stated: ACTION IS NOT: Surfing The Internet, Answering emails, Reading sales letters, Cleaning my Desk! etc, etc Yes we can all get overwhelmed by all the email, and the internet information overload, but when we have a clear vision, and really know what we want, follow a system of success Lisa says, within 30 days we can can turn our business around and begin to build the millionaire dollar business by being committed and following the 6M Profit Method. Lisa continues to stress the importance of having a clear vision and taking focussed action. She suggests that if you aren’t moving forward, your business isn’t generating income, you turn off your interest connection, unsubscribe from all the lists you are on and don’t buy any new programs. This is something I find I start doing, but I get sidetracked by just opening one email and then…………… An all too familiar story. She uses the following pictue to illustrate how I could be successful and have my million dollar business: "If you were to get dropped off on a desert island, and all you had was the knowledge you have right now, maybe a couple of courses you own, specific to one idea, your computer but no new information could come in and you could only send information out, you could build a million dollar business. You would become totally focussed on your outcome, get very clear and take consistent focussed action." Now for the Challenge: Keep a TIME LOG.

"For the next week record what you are doing every 15 minutes of the day from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Get a notebook to keep with you each day and at the end of the day mark each item with a tick (being for those actions that moved you closer to your vision) and a big X for those that didn’t. "

It is important not to beat yourself up if you have lots of Xs, look to improve the next day. Along with a power hour each day where I just focus on action that moves my business forward, I will start tomorrow with the 15 minute notebook log. On second thoughts I will start now and record half a day.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

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