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Do you have clutter? I still have stuff and I remembered an article Carole Fogarty had written Mess is Not Clutter a few weeks ago. Carole is also a Feng Shui Master.

Carole says:

Healthy mess is part of daily living, it shows that your home is loved and lived in, its connected to all things that you use regularly and with a quick tidy up is easily sorted. Clutter is not used nor loved and never gets sorted. Bless your daily healthy mess.
Clutter lurks behind mess and pretends to be mess

Reading this was heartening for me as I have drawn this card a few times recently.

So is my studio area , messy or cluttered? I bit of both I fear. Space needs to be cleared both to reneregise my creativity and for good feng shui.


One area I feel beckoning me, is the dreaded email, that has alluded me. I have several gmail accounts and still have stuff in outlook on my PC. I was about to move to Mac mail until I read Darren’s post last weeks ago on From 1000 to 0 Emails in an Inbox in 24 hours. I then saw a tweet yesterday that by 9am he has cleared his inbox as well as moderated his comments. I asked of he had been up for hours? No came the reply back “only an hour with the Wiggles in the background.” He refers in this post to Leo Babauta, the Zen Habits master of productivity and simplicity.

Saving one hour each day will be fantastic, time for creative play and just one inbox sounds like magic. The list culling will be fun too. I have been naughty, signed up for a few more recently. I will start with 15 minutes a day culling and by this time next week one inbox!

What,this will do for me ,is give me focus, essential on my path to freedom.

Time for a Happy Dance

What do you do to clear your space?

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Todays card is from the Archangel Oracle Cards