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If you have been following me on Twitter or are a member of LinkedIn Bloggersimage
you will have read yesterday that I was quite distressed about my Technorati ranking dropping.

Back on July 2nd I set my goals for the month, so when I saw yesterday that my ranking and my authority which had been rising well and for, plummeted, I wasn’t such a happy blogger.

I then decided that going to my Tuesday Night Dru Yoga class was a must. I would get exercise, stretch, necessary after a day at the computer, meditate and visualize.

I put in the car the DVD of The Secret. Rhonda Byrne was talking about thinking in relation to diets and weight loss.

We need to focus on our ideal weight, not on how much we want to lose. Visualize yourself as your ideal weight, feel how you will feel, see the clothes you will be wearing, have a picture of how you want to look that you can see each day. Also put your ideal weight on the scales or better still don’t weigh yourself.

The light bulb went on. So I have wanted my Technorati rating to be 200 by today. I started out at 123, so maybe it was a little ambitious, on Friday it was 155. Yesterday it was at 126. I then related the about exercise to seeing my rating as at 200 and move on.

I walked into yoga in a positive state of mind and arrived home on a real high. I was feeling great, saw where I was heading. I woke up this morning feeling so positive, loving life and what I am doing. It does make my heart sing.

Des then told me there was a reply to my post on LinkedIn bloggers from Jason Alber and that Scott Allen, who has just become an A lister – i.e., 500+ links on Technorati, has a post on how he made it How I Made the Blog A-List (And You Can To). From reading Scott’s post I found a link at Kineda that made my day, oh how we still need external acknowledgment.Embarrassed

B-List BloggerI can now put this badge on my blog. I am a B-lister i.e.,100+ links on Technorati, and an A lister in training. As a friend of mine Caro would say, happy dancing timeBanana