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Getting clarity sometimes means you have to be willing to change your mind.

Yesterday I said I would tell you about my theme for 2009.

Well a lot can happen in 24 hours!

When I was writing Planning the year: Keep it Simple for 2009 I took a closer look at at what I really, really want in 2009.

If you read my earlier posts, you may recall that last Wednesday at a special intentions ceremony I released my intentions for 2009 to the universe. At that time my theme for the year was to be Focus. I believe that process of releasing created space for me to look with more freedom at the issue of a theme.

Focus is good, of course. I  know that when I am focused I am successful and this means I am in a winning mode and that makes me feel great. Still, something was missing. Focus was feeling “heavy”.

Focus for me is work. Abundance is fun.

I remembered that as I was writing yesterday, the word that emerged for me was abundance. Abundance is light, full of fun, playful and gives me feelings of joy.

So my theme for 2009 will now be Abundance. This can get me up in the morning before dawn. I can feel my energy lifting already. I will allow abundance in all areas of my life, abundance in all that I do and this will allow me to help others create abundance in their lives too.

Focus will still be there and it will help me to continue to get clarity.

The process of getting clarity on abundance allowed me to remember some writing, planning and mind mapping I had done in December. I had outlined a plan to promote “Universal Abundance”:

Universal Abundance(C) Suzie Cheel

I had formed a vision:

“A world where people learn to attract abundance instinctively”

So when I came back from the beach today I immediately focused and redrew the mind map for abundance.

Now I have focus supporting abundance.

Thanks for visiting and reading, come back tomorrow to see the mindmap.


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