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Megan Bayliss of Imaginif has just published her 7th Heaven Carnival of Australia. This is my first submission to this Carnival.

There is a wide variety of posts reflecting the diverse flavor of Australia. So head over there for a taste.

I found that Meg of Blogpond’s post Why Australian Bloggers are Under-represented very interesting and has a great list of sites for us Aussie bloggers to submit to.

Some of the suggestions of how Australian bloggers can raise their profile raise some questions for me. I love being an Aussie, I also love the opportunity the net provides to be part of a global community. I also want to have a global business.

To host in Australia was put as something that could be done. We for many years hosted with a Melbourne hosting company and last year moved to Hostgator. We have noticed there are positive benefits in both pricing and customer service. Also for me having a .com domain is more appealing than a one.

I also found a new Web 2.0 community that has just started: image

This is hosted by Laura Papworth

And for a little Australian Beauty:

Today’s Aussie moon setting over Coolangatta and the sun rising at Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay. Absolute Paradise and why I love where I live.

Moon Setting

Sunrise Over Snapper Rocks