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Meg from Dipping into the Blogpond has hosted the latest edition of Australian Blog Carnival
There is a wide mix of topics from Aussie Bloggers. These 2 below caught my attention

For Abundance Highway readers, there is a wonderful post over at The Urban Monk on visualization : 5 weeks to developing the Magic of Visualisation a mini course in a post.

Andrew Boyd talk about blog ranking for those of us who are working on having a better ranked blog . I checked mine out and last week I was in the top 100 Australian blogs, at 84 wheras at Ratified I was 96.

As Andrew says:

Like other ways of measuring blog success, the ranking systems mean different things to different people. That is, they need to be considered in context. If you are interested in making money online, or spreading a particular message, the rankings help your to measure your success – basically, if you are interested in quantitative measurement, then they are a really good thing.

For more Australian Blogging on sport, culture, mateship

And for Australian Bloggers I thought this was a good place to give that is happening In Brisbane in a month a plug. I am looking forward to meeting other bloggers there.