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Sunrise over Rainbow Bay on a cloudy morning- just for a bit of Aussie flavour

I have participated in Carnival of Australia this week and was pleased to see new bloggers and even some friends.

Also the men took up the challenge even though it was hosted on All for Women. 10 of the 22 submissions were from men

Noric Dilanchian, a Sydney friend and lawyer has written a post that caught my attention and took me to take a closer look: Dilanchian Lawyers – Trade mark law strategy kept simple for blondes. The blonde is better known to Australians as Carlton beer. Lightbulb, Noric’s blog is full of information that could keep me reading for days and better informed as a result. Well worth a visit

There is also a great post on RSS from Martin at . Has both words and pictures.

The diversity of posts makes for an interesting read :business, politics, travel, technology, the outback, family, food and personal development

Albert Foong of Urban Monk looks like he could readily participate in the with posts like :How to remove negative thoughts and tame your monkey mind, Part 1 . I love the sub title of his blog: Bliss,Success and Love and I have subscribed.