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Canada rocksCanada Rocks: Happy Canada Day

Wishing all my fellow Canadian Bloggers a wonderful day of celebration:

To Glenda – My fellow partner in the Tweetathon and to her husband Darryl who live in Vancouver. Glenda is displaying a Proudly Canadian Flag and has a great bucket list, that has inspired me too. I am so happy to see summer has arrived for you guys. Also to John Chow, whose free ebook on making money online I recommend to anyone starting out and to Laurie Hayes at the HBB Connection.

I love the symbol Inakshuk that Canada is using for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The meaning is wonderful too.

The Inukshuk (pronounced IN-OOK-SHOOK) meaning "in the image of man", are magnificent lifelike figures of stone which were erected by the Inuit people and are unique to the Canadian Arctic. Standing along Canada’s most northern shores, they endure as eternal symbols of leadership, encouraging the importance of friendship and reminding us of our dependence upon one another. Read more here

 I bought this Tee Shirt at the airport as I was leaving. I thought the design was great and Beachblogger got a great red T plus a cap.

Canada Day

If you are a Canadian blogger and woul like a mention here, comment here.