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Did this make you squirm? I know it did for me.

Think about lost opportunities?  In  business, people call this opportunity cost. Diversifying is great when you have one system up and running and making money.

Since I spoke with Brian Williams 2 weeks ago and decided to follow the path he chose back in April, for the first time, I have no regrets and am excited about starting out with Maria Andros this coming Thursday. I have been clearing my email boxes, unsubscribing and setting up igoogle to be more web and time efficient.

I am amazed and I could be embarrassed, as I have unsubscribed from more lists than I care to mention. Wow how many shiny bright objects have distracted me in the last year or so. I might start to have time to read all the wonderful blogs I subscribe to and enjoy email again.

I like what Brian says :” You already know WHAT TO DO, that’s WISDOM. Actually doing it, well that, my friend, is INTEGRITY.”

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