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So how is Suzie going I hear you ask? The updates have been a bit slow? Basically it takes longer to put up a new blog with images than I had planned.. You might have read my wonder woman story 2 days ago.?

Okay so from today there will be a daily update and if you follow me on twitter you will be able to join a very Special Twitter Event that Glenda aka The Left Thumb Blogger from DoIt Myself is cooking up to help  me get to her home town Vancouver.

Sales so far have come from Domain Sales. There are still some great names to be taken, check them out again before hand them over to Site point..This has been recommended by Dean Hua and Gavin’s Attraction marketing.

Thanks go to Catherine Palin Brinkworth who has made the first sale and has bought a  great never to be repeated scarf in blues. This has brightened my day.

Visit Catherines’s website to get great tips on leadership and change strategies.

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