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Today I was to submit an entry form for the Gold Coast Quilters biennial exhibition which is to be held at The Gold Coast Art Gallery in August.

I have yet to make the quilt, but today was the last day I could submit my entry.

I have a concept and picture of what I will make. The challenge I was having was the title. The theme will be around tracks, with varying textures and patterns.

I was throwing a few ideas around as we were walking on the beach and Des asked what was the poem I love Beyond Our Lines.

This was the inspiration for the title of this quilt:


In someways the photo captures the imagery of the words,”beyond the lines.”

The lines in the sand, the lines the waves make, the line of the horizon, the patterns in both the sand and the water. If you look closely in the far distance you can see the lines of the Surfers Paradise buildings.

If you look “beyond the lines” you can sense greater complexities. mysteries and adventure.

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