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In the Beach Inspiration 2 : Staying focused I shared a small picture of my vision board.

This link here takes you to a larger version.

I have these in various sizes around the house, one in front of the computer,one on my daily workbook, one in my wallet. We also have a larger one on our wardrobe. I wake up to focus on that vision each day.

The Secret has given rise to a lot more discussion of the vision or dream board. John Assaraf had boxes of his old vision boards in the movie and now has a his own Vision Board online which you can trial for 14 days

Most of the programs that discuss the Law of Attraction suggest making a picture to hold your dreams. this allows you to really focus on what you want, and hold it at the forefront of your thoughts and feelings.

This can be done in a variety of ways:

1. Draw your vision, you don’t have to be an artist, this can be done with texta colors on paper and you can use stick figures. remember it’s about creating the feeling.

2. Collect magazines, travel brochures, clip art , gather some friends around and have fun time doing this a a group.

3. Use you own photos and imagery, make word art . The vision board I made was done in Word and then I used Photoshop Elements to make the jpeg image for the web.

4.If you make a large vision board you can always take a photograph of it and then print it out in different sizes, for your wallet, the car , etc. Also you can then turn it into a screen saver.

5. You can have a vision book, you might have a page for your, health, your dream car, the dream home, travel, charity etc.

Whatever you choose it should be fun and raise your vibrations.

I am sure some of you reading will be able to add to this. Please comment below and share this.

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