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Following on from the post I wrote on Vision, I was listening to the audio of the movie The Secret.

Jack Canfield relates his visualization story. He was making $ 8K a year.He decided that in the next year he would make $ 100k.

He made himself a $100,000 note and put it on his ceiling so he saw it when he woke up and before he went to sleep and he visualized what it would be and feel like to have a $100,000 a year life style.

He did this for 30 days and as he says nothing happened, then he had a $100,000 idea, he had a book at he had written and he worked out that if he could sell 400,000  of these at a quarter he would make $100,000. He made $92,327 that year. His wife then asked ” if it worked for $100,000, would it work for $ 1 million the next year?”

That year his publisher wrote his first million dollar cheque in favor of Jack and put a smiley in the signature.

I was so inspired when I listened to this story.

I thought about the book I had written and illustrated, but not yet published called Emergings. I know this could help so many people.

I have many people have looked at and told me I need to share this with the world .

It is time to me to visualize this being published and sold worldwide.

I decided I would like to have Jack Canfield. write the foreword.

So far, so good.

Now how do I get in touch with Jack Canfield ? Suggestions welcome.

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