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Spirit Coach

Stephanie Bell aka Spirit Coach hosts the show Passionately Positive. You can see from the picture above Stephanie is looking passionately positive.

Today I am Stephanie’s guest and I am excited to be on this positive and fun show.

I am feeling passionately positive today after a very successful Law of attraction workshop last night.

The response was great and this testimonial made my heart sing:

Suzie, thank you for a fantastic experience attending your Law of Attraction seminar. The work is so simple and clear, and the ‘go forward’ steps simple to follow (if not always easy)! Your genuine commitment and your generous nature shone through, and I know you have anchored the process very well – all morning I have been so conscious of my language.

So good to see you in your stride, loving what you are doing, with no fear. Go girl.

Stephanie brighten lots of people’s lives through this great show.

I listened last week to Lynn Serafinn  talking about her new book The Garden of The Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self You can listen to this show listen to the show here.

Stephanie attracts inspiring people each week. Past episodes include  Eva Gregory, Lorraine Cohen and Anita Pathik Law, Jeanna Gabbellini, Wendy G Young to name a few.

Wishing you a passionately Positive day