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I have decided to celebrate the successful of the launch of Abundance Thinking Blog Carnival and have the next one this month, to be published on July 30th. It will also be a good time to focus on our Abundance Goals for the next month.

I would love to see included on this next carnival poems, images maybe even a podcast or a video that inspires you.

I am posting here a video from The Secret which I intend to watch and affirm each day before anything else I do on the computer. This was a visualization habit I started back in March this year. I am sure many of you are aware of this one.

If anyone else would like to embark on this practice, please include this and any benefits you get in the comments on this post. I will summarize this when I post the second carnival.

Bookmark this post so you have it easily accessible each day.

I look forward to seeing your contributions and sharing them on 30th.

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