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Properity from Archangels Oracle Cards

Prosperity from Archangels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Angel Therapy for Abundance is a podcast I bought recently from Doreen Virtue:

Angel Therapy® for Abundance and Financial Support – Work with Doreen and the Archangels to release any financial or energetic blocks, to increase the natural flow of money, time, ideas, and other valuable resources. This is one of a set of 5 mini podcasts- 20- 25 minutes long.

This morning I used this as my meditation before I got up. I then did a card reading from the Archangel Oracle Deck and this was the first card I turned over- looks like the Law of Attraction is listening and matching my desires.  Ariel was one of the archangels Dorren called upon in the podcast, Archangel Chameul was the other one.

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