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Last week as a part of 10 Days to a better blog, I explored the area of blog carnivals and I participated in these three Blog Carnivals.

The Personal Development Carnival

Carnival of Positive Thinking

A Different Prayer

What is great is that these have already brought new visitors to my blog.

I checked in today and I found there were 21 posts for The First Abundance Thinking Carnival that begins next week. I was quite surprised, as some of the comments that had been left, has me questioning: “Had I jumped in too quickly?”

I now feel it is great and look forward to posting my first Blog Carnival next week.

Re 10 Days to a Better Blog, I am a 2 days behind and as I have put my hand up for Wendy’s Group Research Project and have 2 days to research Facebook: How to market and promote your business via Facebook. It may be Thursday before I get back to Day 7.