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What an interesting time I had making this video. Several retakes as I was trying to remember what I had written and lost the natural flow. I have lost my ums since going to Toastmasters, and also a little sponteneity. 🙂

Here is my written  entry:  Maria is yet  to announce the winners. I have been doing Tia Sparkles Psych-K muscle testing and the attraction feels so strong a match.

Winning your coaching package will propel me into the leadership role I am ready for.

I will help so many people get clarity about what they do want in there lives and become Divine Deliberate Attractors. I know I inspire and empower people to lead lives full of joy, freedom and creativity.
Video I know this will be more powerful than writing and pod casting. I can see being the leading law of attraction and abundance internet channel where people like you will share their stories of success and this will inspire people of all ages. I am ready to model you;

I love winning prizes and I love a challenge. When I opened your email, clicked on the link and started watching a video where you talked about about using Law of Attraction to change your life, something shifted for me I loved your abundance quotes.
Here is my new monthly income 10 fold.

I am a Law of Attraction trainer and Abundance coach, an author, a blogger, an artist, and a lover of social media. I currently have almost 5000 twitter followers, a Law of Attraction in Action fan page in Face book. I am in the Millionairess League book and discovered that we have many common messages to share. I have a book emergings that is waiting to be shared with the world. The possibilities Social Media Traffic Blueprint will open up for me does make my heart sing.

I have finally realised after lots of trial and error, The way for me to successful is to be truly focused like a laser beam. To have one master system for my business. This will overcome the challenge I have wrestled with of “being all over the place” or as my friend Spirit Coach says “spinning my wheels”.

I will be able to bring together into one system my various business activities.

I see Social Media Traffic Blueprint as being that system. I spoke today with one of your success stories Brian Williams- I was inspired after watching your oovoo interview and headed to Brians Blog, left a comment and today talked with him on skype.
I understand from talking with Brian that this is not magic, taking massive action will be so important. I loved that he told me there was specific homework, a very supportive forum and that you were a fantastic coach. looks like I get the 3 things that have been missing for me in my business. One of my current restraints is I am making very little money from my Internet activities.
When I lift the constraints that I currently have and have a system, a coach I would love to model, my Law of attraction business will soar, my book will inspire people on paths of change and boost their self-esteem, I will create inspirational videos and books from my writing, my art and my love of nature and photography. Like Beach Inspirations. the possibilities are endless.

My freedom would be enhanced as I my income would be increasing. I would be living in our spacious airy home by the sea. I would be travelling business and first class, staying in 5 star resorts, visiting Macchu Piccu and other places on my dream map.
my laptop allows me the freedom to work where I want.I see myself with my soul mate Des living the life of our dreams, travelling and doing business where ever we like meeting so many of our social media friends. We will have time to spend with family and friends, visiting nieces and nephews in distant places.
When I am making a 5 figure income each month, my life will change, I will begin to experience the financial freedom I desire.
I know that having abundance, success and prosperity like Oprah, Richard Branson and now you Maria means you can make a difference , be inspirational and empower others. I have a passion to pass onto others the skills I currently have and the new found skills I will gain from your coaching and the Social Media Traffic Blueprint.

My financial and personal success will allow me to follow my passion to work with children and teenagers to develop tools and programs where their high self esteem will enable them to be successful in all areas of their lives. I will be able to empower others through working with KIVA, supporting schools in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, not to mention the people around the world that my videos will impact on.

I want to stand out from the crowd, take my business to a whole new level and Yes I am ready to own who I am. I look forward being your next success coaching story. Thank you Maria. I now attract only the highest vibrational people and things to me, I leave you the trailer for my book emergings for reflection.

Thankyou for Inspiring me step up.

I will report back via twitter

be inspired


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