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Last year I wrote about the importance of attaching a feeling to abundance and used a thirty day exercise from The One Minute Millionaire to get into that vibration:

“I am abundant in every good way. Infinite money is mine to earn, save, invest, exponentially multiply, and share. My abundance is making everyone better off. I embrace abundance and abundance embraces me.”

I have continued to repeat this most mornings for the past 7 months. I noticed that, in that earlier post, I said I would report back. So how’s my progress? I am doing okay, but I feel I could be experiencing more abundance. There are areas that still need attention.

On New Year’s Day,  Michael Losier, who wrote Law of Attraction before The Secret made its appearance, held a teleconference Setting Your Vibration for 2008 which I got up for at 3 am my time.

Was it worth the early rise? Yes!

Michael opened the call with a saying ” Get in Line and Stay in Line”. He related his story about starting out working with the Law of Attraction back in 1996, and how many times he had been knocked off his perch, but had dusted himself off and got back up. Today he travels the world helping people work with the Law of Attraction in a very practical way.

I was able to ask Michael a question about my current situation, where I have been working with the principles of Law of Attraction and had written out My Ideal Financial Situation following the steps outlined in his book. I still felt I wasn’t moving forward fast enough. Something was blocking me.”

Michael asked whether I had read the section on abundance and attracting money. He said to reread that section and do the exercise.

Michael then said “I want everyone to hear this”:

image The only way to to become more abundant and attract more money is to hold the vibration of abundance and most people don’t hold the vibration of abundance. How can people expect to attract something if they are not holding the vibration of that which they want to attract? Skip the other chapters and do the exercise and you will see a shift and you need to be celebrating. Write down 10 things you are abundant for today.

Michael then asked what I had attracted today? There was this call, 4 minutes of Michael Losier’s time, put a value on that say $200 and then I won a DVD. That was a great start to the day.

Michael gave other examples that often I don’t always see as being a sign of abundance, eg someone buying you a coffee, you get a discount. The book is a very practical guide, supported by a great website where you can download worksheets etc.

So from today I will keep a daily Abundance log and celebrate to get into the vibration. This is like a book of proof.

You can listen to this call here

Next Wednesday 16th January,(Tuesday in USA) Michael is doing a teleclass next week where you can discover how you can change your language to deliberately use the Law of Attraction to improve your finances, relationships and health. Details here