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Abundance Cafe

Take a pit stop off the Highway for some weekly news and specials.


Beach Notes this week was inspired again on our beach walk: T Shirt messages from the beach and has already provided some inspiring comments. Head on over there and leave your inspirational T-Shirt saying.


SAB Special:Jenny Mannion this week has the second part of the  interview with the director, James Sinclair of the mWhat if The movieovie.  James talks about  why he made this movie:

Since I was a little kid I always asked “What If?” questions for everything. The goal of the film was to reflect truth that is in everybody and what resonates with them and to reflect what everyone knows to be true. Our whole agenda with the film was just suggesting like asking “What If?” this is possible. If it doesn’t resonate with you – that’s great – that’s your spirit talking to you.

Reading Jenny’s interview and the mention of Brandon Bay’s story reminded me that this week I had received an email from The Journey about a 6 day Cleanse with:

New Beginnings: Free Daily Gifts for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

If you join for the 6 Days Cleanse you will receive a free daily download and will get to experience a session with Brandon as well as other key Journey presenters. if you are in Australia you have the chance to win a ticket to a Journey Intensive and a free Journey product. If you do win and you don’t live in Australia you can gift this to one of your Australian readers.

LOA and New Product Launches:

This seems to have been the week of many new books and courses being launched. I have been involved in some of these launches and programs and openly declare I am an affiliate.

Bob Doyle from Boundless Living Challenge who was instrumental in my getting my book Emergings published this week launched his New Wealth Beyond Reason Program.Wealth Beyond Reason

masters_gathering Law of Attraction Card:ThoughtsThe Gathering is another new launch and you can watch videos from Loral Langemeier, John Assaraf, and Joe Vitale and there are many more to come.

777 Free Self Help Launch has another week to run and there are some great free products being offered by Henry Gold. Dr. Joe Rubino, and Keith Matthew

777self help

Wishing everyone a great week of attracting abundance.


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