Heroes of Healing 1: Brandon Bays

A Group Writing project from my friend Jenny Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally

This is a great project and I will write about 5 special people who are my heroes and have at different points in my life provided an experience that has allowed me to change, release and move forward towards freedom in one or more areas of my life.

The five I have chosen are Brandon Bays, Michael Losier, Bob Doyle, Doreen Virtue and Brad Yates. Many of the  healing heroes already being written about in this project., are also people who have touched my life.

Brandon Bays: A Journey To Freedom

I first met Brandon Bays at an introductory evening in December 1999 in Sydney, Australia. I was so impressed with Brandon’s story, I then attended The Journey intensive weekend in February 2000. This was a life healing and changing process for me. Des, my life partner commented on how free I was after this weekend, like a layer had been lifted. I know for me I was able to release stored memories that enabled me to forgive myself along with family members and others.

Eight years on I still marvel at the power of the Journey Process, the stories of healing I have both heard about as well as been witness too. Most years I spend one weekend volunteering at a journey intensive. This weekend is always powerful. Watching other people experience the joy that comes from this simple process. There are some amazing stories of healing.

Here is Brandon’s story:



Free Online magazine: Living Consciously


The Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself FreeThe Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

Freedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless PotentialFreedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless Potential

The Journey for KidsThe Journey for Kids

There are also audiobooks, meditation CDs and DVDs and the Journey Cards for daily healing.


Listen To Real People Talk About How The Journey Has Helped Their Life

The Journey Intensive

The Journey for Children:Making a real diference

The Journey Outreach: A Miracle Train in South Africa

What Suzie Cheel Learned From Brandon:

“Come to the Edge”, he said. “We can’t Master, we’re scared.” “Come to the Edge”, he said. “We can’t Master, we’re scared.” “Come to the Edge”, he said. They came. He pushed them. They flew.

This quotation is in the front of a journal I was given after completing my Journey intensive to record my journey to freedom. The Journey and working with Brandon Bays has given me tools to release much of the emotional baggage I like, many others, have carried around for many years.

I love the Physical Journey process where I can simply, by myself explore a physical issue and release the pain and move on.

I love how Brandon simplifies what we don’t know and says to put it in the “bucket of unknowables” Allow Grace to take care of it!

Brandon’s latest book Freedom Is a wonderful resource that you can use daily for meditation and release. I use the CD that accompanies the book.

For many years I have regularly used The Healing Sand meditation for both release and meditation.

The friendships that I have formed over the years through The Journey are wonderful. I have also completed many of the advanced courses offered. Now there are many free workshops and teleclasses to introduce you to the Journey Process. Details can be found at Brandon Bays. and these are worldwide.

The Journey is an invitation for you to participate in your own natural healing process by diving into the core of your being to uncover the greatness that is locked inside!

Are you ready to fly?

15 thoughts on “Heroes of Healing 1: Brandon Bays

  1. Hi Jenny,

    my pleasure, so many people we could write about, I will have news about the book later this week

    it’s a wonderful idea you have done that has inspired me


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  6. Hi Suzie – thanks for this post. I am just beginning to discover Brandon and her work, and it was great to watch the video.

    Cheers – Robin

  7. HI there Suzie – just reporting that Frank and I did the Intensive this weekend just gone, and it was fantastic!

    So I’d like to say to anyone reading this that this is a really high-quality program that is everything it claims to be. The energy of being with a large number of people totally committed to healing themselves helps you drop into places deep within yourself, allowing release and healing.

    Robins last blog post..The Fountain Of Youth Gets An Update!

    • Wonderful, I have been looking ofr you on skype to see how the weekend was for you.
      Thanks for sharing

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  13. Wow. Watching the short YouTube Video of Brandon Bays shows the remarkable compassion of a woman so dedicated the healing process. How this shows in her shining aura. No wonder she healed so quickly. I can see that “The Journey” she has developed really works for herself and others. Brandon is doing her workshops in Australia. I can only hope she will come to Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see her!

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