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I don’t fix my car so why would I think I could fix my blog and hope all would be perfect within 24 hours?

When I discovered my blog was broken and beyond repair, I surprised myself that I stayed quite calm. I did ask myself what I had done to attract this. A bad case of low vibes!

I went over to Hostgator and started an online chat.

The online chat service was great and after they were unable to fix the challenge, they issued a ticket, which was emailed to me. I was told someone from Tech support would contact me in the next 3-4 hours.

As it was 11pm I went to bed. I pictured opening my computer on Saturday morning and all would be hunky dory. On Hostgator’s instructions I switched the theme to the default so my posts would show.

I got up about 5 am, opened my email and found a message from Joe at technical support:(it was timed at 2.30am- 3-4hrs, true to their word:))

Good morning,

Your blog had a index.html that it was trying to edit. The index.php is what is needed. I’ve fixed this by moving index.html to index.html.bak. You should be able to login now and change the theme.

If you need anything further please let us know

Wow how’s that for great Customer service?

Hostgator gets gold stars.

Yes it all worked. I was able to change themes. One thing I found was that all the widgets had been deactivated by Hostgator. Presumably they did this to find out what was wrong.

I now have the challenge a new theme and getting all the components to work. It is time now to find to find someone to set this up properly and do some routine maintenance.

Time now for attracting someone who can help me help my blog.

Anyone got a great blog mechanic?