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This was the card I drew this morning from my brand new deck of The Law of Attraction Cards.

I have found as I have started Allowing I am living in a state of high vibes and attracting more positive outcomes into my life.

So what did I attract this week?

  1. I had listened to Law of Attraction In Action on Voice America. Andria had Michael Losier as her guest. What a blast, talk about high vibes, they are both inspiring and very funny. This is worth listening to as Michael asked 6 questions that test whether you are allowing. This call inspired me to make a Travel Map. Michael tells how he uses different colored pins to mark where he has been, where he is going and then there is the where you what to go or I am now calling the attraction pin. Dubai has a wish pin and last week he got a call from a friend in Malaysia telling him that there were people in Dubai who wanted him to go there and asking what would it take to get him there. 🙂
  2. I was shopping for a pin board to put my travel vision World Map. I found the board and I was checking out the book shelves and a set of Law of Attraction cards jumped out.:) I had thought recently I must get a set of Ether and Jerry Hicks cards to share with you:)
  3. A personal email reply from Michael Losier, wow! 🙂
  4. A free mentoring program with Aaron Abber at Fulltilt Blogging that I signed up for last week. I had forgotten to put the time in my schedule, Aaron sent me a reminder and I logged in.:) Aaron is running this free $5,000 mentoring program every Monday for the next 9 weeks. You maybe thinking as I was, is this for real? Yes it is, and I think it will be fantastic. Yes there are some rules and each week there are certain things to do. I like the task orientated way Aaron has us working. If you want to read what another class members thinks, read David Nordmark’s overview. You can still join and do the homework before the call on Monday 7pm EST. There will be some posts from Aaron here in the following weeks. These will be tips that will help various aspects of your blogging skill set. 🙂
  5. The free 30 minute coaching call I attracted from Andria, which became 60 minutes. This was an amazing hour, I feel like a have a new best friend. We had arranged to call on Skype. The call started and we were able to connect with video for the first 5 minutes, then the connection dropped. Our internet connection was dead, calling the ISP, we discovered the engineers were working on it. I then went searching for a phone number, none at the bottom of any emails, couldn’t get to her website, and then I found an email with a phone number, success. I phoned, Andria decided that this was a great sign, I was willing to do whatever it takes, most people would have given up. 🙂
  6. The phone call rather than the skype call was a gift. Andria said my ISP going down was meant to be. I discovered that what I thought was my preferred leaning style, was secondary. Andria said auditory was my primary method, visual was secondary. She had been able to asses this from talking with me and how I write. Over the next weeks I will be sharing with you some amazing outcomes from this call on a new site. It is very exciting and scarry at the same time. 🙂

These were the main highlights for the week. When I look back on my Abundance Log that I write in every night before I go to sleep, there have been so many more things I could list here. Acknowleding the richness I have is my live keeps a smile on my face.

What made you 🙂 this week?