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If you have been visiting my blog for the past 6 months you will have noticed I like to use images on my blog I am a visual person and I like blogs that have images, not just words.

This photo was taken last Thursday at the First evening Annual Fireworks contest at Twin Towns.

I generally take my camera everywhere I go now. So often I would see something that would be great for the blog whenI had left my camera at home

I was asked recently how I put all my images onto my blog. Since moving to a Mac, this has become a quick and simple task.

One: you need a simple image editor that also does screen capture as well as editing your own images.

I make all my images in Image Well. Until recently this was free and there is a trial version. You can download and use it for 7 days and then purchase fully featured version for $19.95. A steal at this price. I am yet to try the new version, but it has more bells and whistles.

You can edit and send your pictures, screenshots and other files to anyone, anywhere with one simple click of a button! Batch process your images, layer multiple images, label your screenshots, save your favorite styles, and much more

It has been called A BLOGGERS BEST FRIEND. This is only for Macs. It does screen captures and then I FTP to my image folder in my blog or to Flickr.

I know when I was using a PC, I would do a screen capture with Gadwin. This is free and now you can trial for 30 days their pro version which does image editing.

Then a little googling and I found a free Imaging program for PCs Called Photoplus6 and there is an upgrade to Photoplus8 for $9.95. If someone uses this let us know below what it is like.

Two: A must have I found recently saves a lot of time searching through Flickr for photos that you can legally use.

Photo Dropper Plugin is fantastic.

Photo Dropper

Photo Dropper is a WordPress plugin that lets you add Flickr photos to your posts.
It searches for Creative Commons licensed photos – images that are licensed for shared use – and lets you drop them into your posts – right from your dashboard with just 1 click. I real blessing

Once you have installed this plugin you can search Flickr photos any entering a word or phrase of the image you want

If you have other imaging tools you use and love please share below or track back.