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The 10 Day to a better blog series I have been writing about has become more like 20 days .

I have got distracted by Wendy’s Group Research Project, the very successful Abundance Thinking Blog Carnival, new business opportunities, and the general web distractions that sometimes take over. So here’s an update

Day 6: Write 3-5 back up posts for the days you don’t feel like writing .

This was an interesting exercise, I had already several post started so I completed 2 of those and am now building up to have 5 or 6 always in the background for the days life takes over. I think this is a great practice.

Day 7: was Widgets and Plugins:

I have most of the plugins Wendy suggests and what she has on her WordPress series: what plugins should I use? was also useful. I like the way she has broken it down into starting blogs, established blogs and must haves.

I had installed many of the plugins suggested by John Chow in his Make Money Online free book.

What I have now is a long list of plugins, many sitting there unused . I am now systematically checking back over the duplicates I have. This area needs work.

Day 8: Start a Daily or Weekly tradition.

Yesterday I started a daily series: Beach Inspirations which will appear with sand word art each day.

Day 9: Be active in the community you joined on Day 2 . During this past week I have been posting regularly on several of the forums of groups I belong to. I also notice an lots of mybloglog requests which I will attend to later today. I have also introduced my blog to Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Forum.

Yaro was asking on the forum for peoples 3 favorite blogs about making money online. So after reading what was there and seeing many duplications and very few of the female variety, I nominated 3 female blogs: Wendy Piersall’s emomsathome, Robyn Tippins of Practical Blogging and Jane May from Daily Web Ideas

Day 10: Introduce yourself to a blogger that is more successful than you. I have already done that, with Wendy , Robyn and Jane. I probably now could find a more successful male to introduce myself to. There were a couple of successful male bloggers who submitted for my blog carnival. Food for thought.

This has been a great course , has definitely raised my profile , increased my traffic and made some money. At the end of the month I will review the goals I set on day 1 and report back.