Law of Attraction Inspiration #2: Words Send Vibrations

Tools for becoming a deliberate attractor.

My words become my reality

My words form thoughts,

My thoughts I have cause me to send a vibration

Whether negative or positive

Then I get a positive or negative result

Law of attraction

Are there areas of your life where you are not getting the results what you want?

Might be:

  • your health
  • your  relationships
  • your business
  • your money

Words cause us to send vibrations

There are 3 words that when we use them  send negative vibrations and cause negative results.


Don’t Not and No are three words we need to eliminate from our vocabulary.

When you catch yourself saying don’t not and no ask yourself

So what do I want?

When I go from what I don’t want to what I do want the words change and then the vibration changes too.

Remember Law of Attraction is a process and we need to remember that. It make take 3 or 4 days to change this habit.

I found I needed tools to use initially to reinforce this for me.

Having a tool to use helped me master eliminating Don’t, Not and No from my vocabulary

I put stickies all over the house, in my wallet, on a mirror, on the fridge, in the car and that helped me to develop a new habit.

so what do I want

So what are the words you are using?

What are the thoughts you are using?



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This tool was given to me by Michael Losier from one of his Wake Up  Inspirational  calls

Align With Destiny

10 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Inspiration #2: Words Send Vibrations

  1. This is great Suzie. Very, very simple and oh, so easy to do.

    So, what do I want ? mmm let me think.

    To create whilst going slowly.

    Love you lots Suzie


    • Hi Carole,

      your comments so inspire me to know that in simplifying this process it will enable so many more people to live in abundance
      love to create whilst going slowly

      Love and blessings

      Must be time for a chai!

  2. I’m more careful than ever about the words I use. I am increasingly aware of how my thoughts can affect the physical outcomes I am getting. So the more loving energy my words convey, the better my outcomes are going to be.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..Wings Of Love

    • Hi Evelyn,
      That is so impressive and I love how you have put this about the more loving energy you put out the more positive your outcomes are

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  4. Suzie!!! I am *blown* away … are we the same person or something? Or channeling the same info? Or just soooooo intuitively in touch with one another? Wow, wow, wow!

    I love how you’ve put this and the visuals to grab ‘hold of. I’ve really been using this a lot in my life lately and it’s so powerful, right? This one little tweak.

    Rock on, Suzie! Love your articles!


    Col @ life by muses last blog post..Banging a new drum

    • It is wonderful isn’t it, love how we have connected
      will be great to meet in person one day

  5. Words are important but actions and a step by step process is really what everyone needs to get it right and get it right the first time.

  6. Words send vibrations. And what I’ve found too, is that thoughts, even when I’m not speaking, really send the vibrations out to the Universe. I took me awhile to realize that sometimes my thoughts are racing around going no place good and then some negative emotion sets in and I catch myself thinking “oooh, lots of unpleasant thought.”

    Your thoughts and emotions are really good telltale tools letting you know when you’re pointed in the direction of what you want or in the opposite direction. It’s all very powerful information.

    Nanette Geigers last blog post..What Kind of Super Hero Are You?

    • Hi Nanette,
      yes words become the thoughts that send the vibrations. it is great that you have got it! I agree it does take time, but once mastered things take a new direction
      thanks for sharing and visiting

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