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Happy Valentine’s Day to All

abundcafe1 Monday at the Abundance Cafe

Valentines dayThe image to the left was my ” Be my Valentine ” present to Des.

I have had a wonderfully abundant day. Starting at the markets I was given 2 buches of asparagus. I was then buying a friend a birthday present and found a magical crystal nailfile.

I  bought a special cuticle stick for myself , the stall holder then asked me to choose a color and I was given a wallet size crystal nail file. What a wonderul start to the day not to mention the so fresh fruit and vegetables we bought.

I then was so blessed when Des took me through the Abundance process from the new book : The Journey – Consciousness the New Currency: A New Paradigm for Manifesting Conscious Abundance, Lasting Fulfilment and a Sustainable Future by Brandon Bays  & Kevin Billett.

Looking to have more abundance in your life?

Maybe you have silent sabateurs that block your abundance?

Brandon & Kevin have shared the process in the book, that I learnt many years ago at the Mainifest  Abundance Retreat.

And here is a wonderful song to sing ot hum along to

Share your Valentine’s Day thoughts and experience below


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