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Yesterday walking on the beach I was thinking just how great where I live is and I was wearing my very old favorite T Shirt

on the front and on the back

If you can read the tiny print Louise Hay produced this design in 1991. I bought this at a seminar where Louise Hay was speaking, sometime back in the 90’s. I had been a fan of hers since buying You Can Heal Your Life in 1985. I know I tried to find another one as it was my favorite T Shirt and was great to put on if I was feeling a little blue. I put it away meaning to throw it out, but in a clean up I found it and although it is faded and has some tiny holes, I would wear it again. I makes me feel special. Yes I am unique, as is everyone on the planet. Maybe I’ll stitch and embroider it and it will become new again.

I thought about feeling great and how easy it is to forget we have the choice. A friend and colleague Carole Fogarty has made Remember, great things always happen, her mantra for 2007and I now look for it at the end of her emails

This got me thinking now easy it is for me to focus on what is great in my life and at the same time how easy it is also not to. Sometimes I feel I need to put a cocoon around me and protect myself from what I see as negative imput that comes from so many influences. Other times I would like to stand out in the street and get people to focus on what’s great in their lives now. What a healthier, happier and wealthier world we would live in. So what’s great about you?

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