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I have been having many conversations with myself, friends and colleagues and on this blog about where I am heading.

Since the beginning of the year I have been talking about setting up a new blog, Solo Home Business about Having Fun Making Money Online. “That’s a crowded market” I hear you say. I heard Darren Rowse say it the other day too.

I also hear focus your blog on one topic. That has been my stumbling block. I want this blog to focus on the Law of Attraction in Action, AND I want to write about lots of other things that I am passionate about, including cooking, blogging, making money online, my art, people and causes, to mention a few.

I was delighted yesterday when Des alerted me to this fantastic article by John P over at One Man’s Blog. The whole article is a must read,and as long as you are using wordpress gives you the tools to take your blog to new heights.

John’s take on the question of whether you should have just one topic in you blog spoke to me. In fact, it made my heart sing:

Don’t Believe the Hype

I’ve been hearing people advising authors to stick to only one topic per blog for some time now. And they are just plain wrong.

Any possible SEO advantage is more than outweighed by the fact that authors and readers become bored by the same subject after a while and content becomes stale and painful. Not to mention the fact that you’ll only keep a regular subscriber for so long without some variety. (Oprah doesn’t talk about the same thing every day, so why should you?)

Instead, write about what you know and love… all of it. As an example, my blog has 42 categories and 2,300 tags. I average 15-20,000 page views each day, with a record day being over 140,000.

He acknowledges that Darren Rowse disagrees with him. I am planning to go on the call today introducing Darren and Andy Wibbels course 6 Figure Blogging today to see if I can be persuaded otherwise.

So what to do? Look at why I blog and why this blog? That was what Des asked me yesterday as we were walking on the beach.

  • I started the blog seriously last year to share my story and my journey to freedom- that is for me total financial freedom. The freedom to have the choices to do what I want, with whom I want, where I want.
  • To share the many tools and processes with you my readers along the way
  • To build a community focusing on the practical side of The Law of Attraction- You might have noticed I have changed the tagline to Law of Attraction in Action
  • To generate income
  • To have fun in the process.

I would love some imput on this so please leave a comment below.

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Gratitude to Massimo Visona for the delicious photo.