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It has been said that a SYSTEM can be summarized in a powerful acronym as:


One of the definitions of a system at is, “any formulated, regular, or special method or plan of procedure: a system of marking, numbering, or measuring; a winning system at bridge.”

Systems are processes that let you work SMARTER. Systems create LEVERAGE. And the right systems give you more time and let you make more money, with a lot LESS EFFORT.
Using the right SYSTEMS is how you go from a few dollars a day to a few thousand dollars a day.

The 6M Profit Method, talks about the importance of having a system, which Lisa Diane calls a Master Action Plan. This where all the parts are put together and then I start to take daily action on my business- this will produce a measurable result and begin to put money into my account. A reason for being in business.

Setting a system up can be a simple task when you have all the necessary components at hand. The Challenge,comes for me in completing the System, in this case 6 steps to Mastery. As I have been working through this system, I have been watching myself get distracted- email, a new whiz bang way to riches, checking out the forum, etc, etc

Sound familiar. Seems I am not the only one out there, as Rich Schefren provides much evince for in his latest Video. Momentum. I have watched it once and going back to check over his prescriptions. It is well worth watching and taking notes
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