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James Chapman one of my readers left this comment after the article on which I thought was worth sharing here.

James is not a blogger, but in his words ” No I don’t have a blog, but I do have an abundance of enthusiasm and I like to write articles about, success, attitude of mind and being positive.”

Success is defined as how much we triumph and prosper in fame, fortune or happiness, while we are travelling on our lifelong Journey, even though we may face obstacles and adversity.

Success in life is not a destination; it is a part of the Journey.

Success can be realised in any walk of life, by organisations, groups, communities, families and individuals.

In business, success may be seen as being the market leader or the first with an innovation or increasing the dividend to shareholders.

Sporting activities bring success in championships, trophies and medals.

Whereas, communities may see success as, a new school, or hospital, or youth centre.

For families, success shows itself with house ownership, family unity and the progression of their children?s education.

Individuals measure success in terms of personal achievements, diplomas, promotions, salary increases and even the type of car they drive.

Success will be determined by how strong our motivation is, how inspired we are, what our attitude of mind might be, or how much vitality we have.

Success will also be affected by how good our performance is, how productive we are, or how creative we are.

But success is not only about how well recognised we are for our performance or by how much monetary prosperity that we have accumulated.

Success is also about the quality of our lives, our happiness and the state of our health.

The feeling of being successful is enduring, long after the initial success, whereas the obstacles and adversity that had to be overcome, in order to succeed are fleeting memories in the mists of the past.

We gain strength from success; it is the tangible reward for our endeavours. It shows it was worth the investment in time and energy. It lifts our spirits, so that we can continue the Journey.

Successful people have discovered that subtle, something that enables them to overcome adversity.

When an unexpected change occurs, they do not perceive it as a problem; they welcome it as an opportunity for more success.

Successful people are self confident, determined, resilient, persistent, and tenacious; and believe in themselves being able to achieve their desired goal or objective.

Because of this, they are emotionally secure, in control; they listen to their instincts and are at harmony with themselves.

They are patient, knowing that sometimes things may take longer to achieve, but they know that they will achieve them.

Their motivating force is the desire to succeed, having faith in their actions and because of their tenacity, they will never, ever give up; they do not believe in failure.

Successful people have a deep urge to make progress, achieve their goals and to fulfil their dreams.

They have a vision which inspires them to grow and at the same time motivate and contribute to other peoples lives.

Successful people want to explore their potential, using all their capabilities, carefully listening and monitoring the situation and knowing instinctively when to take action and gain the rewards.

To them, everything is possible; it is only a matter of using their imagination, conceiving an idea, believing in themselves and then achieving it with their actions.

Successful people will aim higher than they know they can achieve, because they know that if they aim for the moon, even if they fall short, they will be in the stars.

They not only have motivation in abundance to help them, they are gifted with enthusiasm, passion, drive and ambition.

Nothing deters them, when others may say “it can?t be done”, they will find a way, even if it takes them a very long time to do it.

Successful people are very optimistic, full of energy and naturally healthy in body and mind.