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After my post yesterday on lets get social , I was feeling just a little overwhelmed, and realized Bumpzee which sits in the sidebar didn’t even get a mention. In the back if my mind I know there are a few more.

It seems I am not the only one feeling this way. Robyn Tippins of Practical Blogging has a great post titled Crawling Out From The Social Spam.

Robyn comments

” One thing I’ve noticed from being connected to so many people, is that information overload is kicking my butt. I have more twitter, mybloglog, facebook, myspace, IM, etc. messages than I can handle. Here’s what I’m doing to handle this:” keep reading

Robyn suggests what may be for some rather radical ways of dealing with this overload.

One very practical suggestion is to think very carefully before joining a new group.

For me this means first, asking how does this serve my mission and will I have the time to participate? Also does it resonate with me? I think like Robyn I will be doing some re-evaluating.