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This morning I set the alarm for 3.45am to take part in a teleseminar that my mentor Lisa Diane organised for the 6M Community. It was a great decision on my part. Michael Cheney, the traffic expert was the guest. After Michael shared his favourite traffic generating method for people starting out, that of Article writing and submission, with a special emphasis on mastering one method initially. Do one thing well was emphasised – this can be a challenge with so many methods in the offering all. This also reinforced what is emphasised in the 6M Profit Method, also staying focussed- a success habit as well. I also had the opportunity to ask Michael a question and be given valuable information for developing my business online

If you head over to Michael’s site you can download a free MP3 – Your Traffic Questions Answered and a book titled: How to Avoid the Top 20 Traffic Disasters. I am now going to put it on my MP3 player and listen to it on my way to a day of creativity.- I am doing a 2 day workshop with UK artist Kate Green which will be a right brain switch.

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