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I love the tagline on Wendy’s Monday Motivation: A Midsummer Day’s Dream. Not quite summer here in Australia, in fact it is mid Winter,the sun is shining and there are still people swimming and surfing, but for us it has been cold. Probably not cold at all by northern hemisphere standards. But after having frozen toes yesterday, shoes went on today to walk on the beach.

This morning it was 7 C/45 F and now the sun is shining and it is 20 C/68F, so for many people this would be a very mild winter.

Rainbow Bay

Back to Monday motivation: What it seems to me from Wendy’s post today is that so many of us set more than we can ever possibly do in a week, let alone a day.

I know I am still working through  some things from last week to dos.

So here is what I plan to do today:

  1. Write 2 blog posts.
  2. Complete day 6 of 10 days to a better blog – write 3-5 blog backup posts
  3. Write the resource page for my blog site
  4. Read blogs and comment
  5. Write Des’s advertising page
  6. Personal emails
  7. Dru Yoga Class

And I think that is probably far too much for one day, so will report back over at Monday Motivation with what I actually achieved.