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Last week I wrote on Thinking Home Business about writing 5 minute valuable posts, inspired by Chris Garrett speaking at SoBCon

Today I think short posts will be standard here and at Zen Law of Attraction for the next few days.

Do you sometimes set yourself wonderful inspiring goals as I have done, ones that are a real stretch and then panic sets in when things don’t go according to plan? In this case great ideas , I just didn’t plan the implementation, but sometimes you just have to press on. Technology is wonderful when it works. I have masses of valuable information and imagery on cds that is not being read and won’t open. Off to get out the ancient laptop to see if I can rescue this data.

Drop back later for the next exciting installment.

Gratitude to VaiMoi for the wonderful photo and to Des who is getting all the domains we are selling organized.

Some great names coming up, just to tantalize you there is blogger success and prosperity train.