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Well I didn’t  make the 250 and it might seem funny but I feel grateful:

I am Grateful for:

  • The experience as it got me moving into action
  • myself for taking action- has raised my profile
  • I have always said I wanted this book on Hay House- what you intend!
  • I will now focus on getting the book on amazon
  • The plan I had back in December now be revisited and put into action
  • I finally bit the bullet and started branding Suzie Cheel- have you joined my facebook page and is coming soon as a video blog
  • I checked my google rankings yesterday and for the keywords Abundance, I was on Page 1 and Law of Attraction in Action in the top 5 on page 1 of Google- that was happy dance time getting put there and engaging impacts in many ways.
  • My video entry is on Page One of google for next top author keywords
  • I can now focus on building a community and not be concerned about drumming up votes or writing a book proposal at this time.

Comments I received that made my heart sing and raised my vibes.

Hi Suzie,

Like they say, everything happens for a reason. I’m so happy you see it as a gift. Now you have time to focus on branding yourself and moving forward. My intuition tells me that your book will be better supported in this way. Once people know you, Suzie Cheel, they will have to buy the book. Congratulations on the google ratings…way to go girl! And, the support you’ve had with the book project will continue and grow beyond your wildest dreams!- Elizabeth Powers

Hello Beautiful Beautiful woman, Congratulations on all of your success and know that you are a gift to the world!- -Michele Fox

Suzie, way to go for looking at the situation with gratitude and for seeing the positives and the learning. You’re going forward strong! Congratulations! – Leanne Chesser

Personally, I’m a bit sad you didn’t win, but I feel totally blessed with your friendship.  You’re an awesome woman Suzie Cheel! Steve Soucy- SM Attractionaires

Suzie, you truly are an incredibly amazing woman and your book is but one part of your beautiful whole. It’s such a privilege to watch and support your growth on this journey.Thanks for including us… and most of all, thanks for Sharing Your Wings With The World in your unique and colourful way. – Butterfly Blessings, Kimberly – The Butterfly Whisperer

Suzie I’m proud of you and what you have achieved so far!! My intuition says that everything is unfolding perfectly for you and that you are going with the flow downstream magnificently!! Teresa Finocchiaro

Way to go, Suzie!!!!!  It’s so great to see you looking at the blessings and positive experience that came out of your endeavor.  You will succeed and realize your dream!!!!!  We are so blessed and honored to call you our friend and fellow Attractionaire!!!!- Trina Drinkut

Congratulations Suzie!!  An amazing achievement – so proud of you for that you have achieved.Here’s to your amazing future!! Kylie Petroni

Suzie!!!!Congrats on all your successes and google rankings!  That is absolutely awsome! I, too, was sorry to hear you did not win.hmmmmm, God must have something greater for you just around the corner…I’m rooting for you all the way! – Camille Superson

Congratulations to all the 250 who are through to the second round and to all who entered we are all winners

Gratitude to Jenny Mannion who told me about the contest and to Lynn Serafinn who tagged me in facebook on Tuesday and introduced me to a wonderful community of spiritual authors set up by Teresa J Phillips at Believe in The Momentge

I feel I am beginning to Live Large



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