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A friend and colleague of mine Henrik Boylander has just launched, Solixta: Better Business Network.

There are at least two groups of people for whom the new online site, Solixta: Better Business Network will be a boon: those looking for a new business they can do online and those who already have an online business and want to make it more efficient. I’ve only just begun to explore the resources on the Solixta site and I am amazed at what is on offer.

The member site has so many resources and tools which until now people have had to put together themselves, laboriously and often expensively, or have been available for only one business you signed up and paid for, and are now all here in one place, for use with multiple businesses and either free, or with some extra functionality for a modest monthly or yearly outlay.

A few examples. The tool for an instant, side-by-side comparison of business opportunities is invaluable for anyone wanting to do their due diligence, as they should, before jumping into a new opportunity. The audio manager is brilliant and there is a video manager tool on the way. The conferencing facility alone will be more than worth the price of admission for anyone with a team or ready to build one. I know I will be using these tool, plus the real wordpress blog that is included.

There is also a members forum, so you will be able to learn and make a contribution.

You can join for free and there is pro membership that is on offer at a very low introductory price of 9.97 a month. An absolute steal given what most monthly membership sites cost.

Do yourself a big favor. Check out the Solixta Better Business Network today. You won’t be disappointed

Free Membership!


  • Research, compare, discuss and review +1,000 business opportunities.
  • Place your favorite business opportunities in front of a targeted audience.
  • Expand your business network and subscriber list.
  • Everybody can earn $$$, the sooner you join the more you can earn.