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Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift,
That’s why we call it the present. -Anon

This was the sunrise I experienced this morning at Rainbow Bay. I then practiced just being as I walked along the beach. Not thinking, just observing, just being with:

  • the horizon
  • the ripples in the sand,
  • the bubbles as the wave breaks on the shore,
  • the glistening sand
  • the lines the waves make on the flat sea
  • the silhouettes of the fisherman on the rocks
  • the riders on the waves
  • the rays of the rising sun
  • feeling the warmth of the sin on my body
  • the sound of the sea
  • footprints in the sand

So much to notice, it’s easy to miss by not being present.

Just being present is becoming easier. I was pleased to hear Oprah say she was finding being present was becoming easier for her as she walks in the woods near here home.

If you are following The New Earth Telecast, how are you finding just being present is for you?