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Magic Monday

Some mornings magic happens. Today was one of those days, As we walked onto the beach we saw the local fishermen were there with their trucks. From a distance it did look as they were getting ready to leave. As we approached them another walker asked how much the fish were, $1 a fish was the reply, they looked delicious.

Wow I thought how amazing, It would be wonderful to have fresh fish for breakfast or even dinner tonight.

We don’t tend to carry any money on our morning beach walks, so we missed that wonderful experience of freshly caught fish, something I still remember as beingo special as a young child. I would go fishing with Dad when we were on holidays early in the morning and bring back, one of my still favortite fishes bream, and have it  freshly grilled for breakfast.

Although we weren’t prepared to buy fish this morning, there two women who were able buy fish with their newspaper money. She didn’t have a bag for the fish so she used her jacket.

Fresh Fish

Tomorrow the fisherman might be there if the mullet are running, and we will have money and a bag in our pockets.

We will be ready for the opportunity.

So what amazing opportunities do you expect today and will you be ready?