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Luck and leadblogging favor the prepared.

Last week I noticed a new blog post over at Nothing earth shattering, but it dealt with a topic I am intimately acquainted with—getting people to subscribe to email lists then confirm their subscription. In fact, before I sold my online business last year I had captured almost 60,000 double opt-in subscribers (click here for screen shot of my account.)

So I went over and left a comment about how I get over 15% of first time visitors to subscribe and over 90% of those people to confirm their subscription.

I figured making that comment would generate some visitors and subscribers.

But then I had a brainstorm—why not put the actual codes into an eBook and offer it for download? I figured I could capture more subscribers.

So that’s what I did. I created this “subscriber trap” to capture email address from my visitors:

All in all it took about two hours to set up and has resulted in 183 email submissions (so far) on 312 visits—for a whopping 58.7% conversion rate from visitor to subscriber.

That’s pretty cool.

In next week’s leadblogging post I will tell you about how I got a 95.2% confirmation rate from those visitors, and how I will turn those into $4,209.00 in cash. That means it it paid me about $2,104.50 an hour. Stay tuned.

This post is by Aaron Abber. Aaron is the owner of where he teaches bloggers just like you how to make money blogging. Go there now to pick up his latest book “How to Retire on 200 Blog Visitors a Day” free.