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Are You Following The Formula for Deliberate Attraction?

The reason there is a formula is because The Law of Attraction is a science, just like baking a cake is a science- it takes ingredients. So to become a deliberate attractor you  also need ingredients.

The 3 ingredients :

  1. Decide what you do want
  2. Place your order for what you do want
  3. Give what you want attention, energy and focus

So where are you with your own Deliberate Attraction, are you being deliberate about the words,thoughts and activities you are putting into your vibrational bubble?

Are you Tapped in, Tuned in and Turned on to what you do want in your life, whether it be in the area of relationships, your business, yout money, your career or your health?

One of the things I find is that like most things that we become successful at, we need to practise and put in place the systems or formulas that allow you to attract what you do want.

What area of your life do you need to be deliberate about?

Divine Deliberate Attractor

What will you do today to become a divine deliberate attractor?

Wishing you a High Vibe Day



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