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Sometimes the universe send messages in threes, just to make sure you get the message. Hello Suzie wake up!

This card that I drew has reinforced for me that the decision I have made to become a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator is so right, it makes my heart sing.

The three thing that mirrored this were:

  • Drawing This Card
  • During the week I was able to help a friend who was feeling low. I helped her by applying the Law of attraction in the way Michael Losier teaches.
  • Then I received an email from a reader who has Michael’s audio book. I had mentioned on a previous post about a workshop I was going to. The Reader asked when I was going to deliver a workshop.That made me realize that I do want to provide workshop, online.

These messages, along with all of the wonderful comments and emails I get saying this blog and I inspire them, reassures me that I am on track. I will share the comment on Tuesday from Lightening in response to a question I raised:“What do I do? I come here and absorb all your positive vibes!!!!” :)

Does the universe send you messages? Do you Act on them?

Today’s Card is from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Card

Those of you waiting for the big May plan it will be here in a couple of hours, There have been a few glitches. Isn’t technology wonderful?